Swingle Singers CD sleeve

World Village got in touch and asked me to do another CD sleeve for them – this time for the Swingle Singers. As I thought there’s not going to be many more opportunities to do physical CD artwork, and I loved this video of them, I jumped at the chance. With a strong original idea from … Continue reading Swingle Singers CD sleeve

Songlines – Music Awards CD sleeves

The third installment of Songlines world music awards occurred in 2012 and this was the artwork I created for the sleeve. It was an evolution of the 2011 concept, also below, both created entirely in InDesign.  

Sierra Maestra – Sonando Ya

Sierra Maestra are a Cuban band who play son with the original line-up of instruments: tres, guitar, trumpet, bongo, guïro, maracas and four-part harmony vocals. So the idea for this cover was borne from that line-up. All the instruments were hand-drawn then scanned and edited in Photoshop to give a textured feel. worldvillagemusic.com Buy the album here.