I Am Team GB club campaign design

Pulled together in record speed, I designed the site, social media assets, user journeys, stakeholder collateral and more for the nation’s biggest sports day, I Am Team GB. The Rio 2016 Team GB homecoming delivered 2,600 events across the UK with 972,000 people taking part. The site was developed with panache and pace by the lovely … Continue reading I Am Team GB club campaign design

The Green Deal – DECC

I worked with Kiln for Seven to produce a series of six infographics for the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s Green Deal. Run in the print edition of the Observer magazine over a period of six weeks, Kiln added some technical wizardry to make them animate when run on the Observer site. Continue reading The Green Deal – DECC

Marks & Spencer infographics

Working with Seven and writers, I designed three infographics for the M&S blog: the chinos are part of their Plan A range, 6000 staff and customers cleaned over 100 beaches in one weekend as part of the their Big Beach Cleanup, the cashmere coat story-graphic garnered over 500 comments to enter a competition to win the coat. … Continue reading Marks & Spencer infographics