Aussie Tshirt designs

For ages I’ve been wanting to do a series of Aussie slang Tshirts and this is where I’ve got to. Once I get a fuller set, maybe I’ll get them on Threadless…

It’s today!

One morning my 3-year-old daughter woke up, pulled back the curtains and proclaimed, for no particular reason, “It’s today!”. It wasn’t a special day but she thought it warranted the declaration, complete with an exclamation mark to start it off, which helps anyone start a day! A while later, The Church of London was putting together … Continue reading It’s today!

Self-initiated artwork

For many years I’ve created artwork with no client in mind but to help inform my practice. Here’s a selection of those works, mostly from a few years ago (ie. pre-children, when I had time!) and largely created on my Mac. First is an illustration based on a sound-bite trotted out regularly by politicians and pundits, … Continue reading Self-initiated artwork


A self-initiated illustration which appeared in Semi-Permanent 06 New York book.