Adelphi by Even As We Speak

After designing the reissue of the seminal Australian indie album ‘Feral Pop Frenzy’ by Even As We Speak, my dear friend (and lead singer) Mary asked if I’d be keen to help with their first new material in 27 years. Adelphi is the wondrous result. Released by ShelfLife it features ten off-kilter gems and an … Continue reading Adelphi by Even As We Speak

The Cambridge Commons brand

My dear friend George approached me towards the end of 2017 about a project he was volunteering with, as Chair of The Cambridge Commons (TCC). They’re a local chapter of The Equality Trust who have loose groups across the UK and internationally. Developed from the success of The Spirit Level by Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson, they … Continue reading The Cambridge Commons brand

Chatterbox brand

Chatterbox hires people who have become refugees to teach their native language. At a time when the narrative around refugees had become polarised and often negative, it was great to come across a passionate small team tackling the issue with a positive solution. In early 2017 I approached Chatterbox founder Mursal Hedayat about volunteering with her … Continue reading Chatterbox brand