World Physiotherapy rebrand and website

World Physiotherapy has been representing national physiotherapy organisations globally since 1951, helping develop, maintain and restore people’s movement and functional ability. Today they represent more than 625,000 physiotherapists worldwide through 121 member organisations (MOs). As well as renaming themselves (from World Confederation of Physical Therapy) they needed a complete rebrand. The new logo brings together … Continue reading World Physiotherapy rebrand and website

FORWARD brand and website

Anti-FGM charity FORWARD works in Africa and the UK diaspora to partner with communities around education and behaviour change for those still involved in the dangerous and damaging practice. While at Fat Beehive I redesigned the brand and website, incorporating bold colour, repeating patterns and improved typography. > See the full case study All photographs … Continue reading FORWARD brand and website

Human Dignity Trust rebrand

Human Dignity Trust use the law to fight for LGBTQI+ rights globally. They approached Fat Beehive to just redesign their website, but it quickly became apparent their old brand was eroding the trust built by their extraordinary work. We therefore embarked on a complete rebrand, arriving at a simple wordmark, surrounded by a square with … Continue reading Human Dignity Trust rebrand