Sierra Maestra – Sonando Ya

Sierra Maestra are a Cuban band who play son with the original line-up of instruments: tres, guitar, trumpet, bongo, guïro, maracas and four-part harmony vocals. So the idea for this cover was borne from that line-up.   All the instruments were hand-drawn then scanned and edited in Photoshop to give a textured feel. Buy the album here. Continue reading Sierra Maestra – Sonando Ya

F1 illustrations for Mubudala

As part of series of Formula 1 guides to each race in the 2010 series, I produced a pencil illustration for Haymarket F1 Racing Custom, a specialist division of F1 Racing magazine. Mubudala is a corporate face of the Abu Dhabi government, which is in the process of diversifying their economy away from oil. As … Continue reading F1 illustrations for Mubudala