Illustrations for Songlines magazine

A selection of illustrations for Songlines. Upon the release of royal records that showed the Queen Mum’s listening included ska records, I did this illustration to accompany a news story. Read all about it here! Flags to illustrate a story suggesting alternative national anthems. Maurice El Medioni feature illustration. Hand drawn then coloured in Photoshop. Pencil drawn portraits … Continue reading Illustrations for Songlines magazine

Self-initiated artwork

For many years I’ve created artwork with no client in mind but to help inform my practice. Here’s a selection of those works, mostly from a few years ago (ie. pre-children, when I had time!) and largely created on my Mac. First is an illustration based on a sound-bite trotted out regularly by politicians and pundits, … Continue reading Self-initiated artwork

Election 2010

I saw the original version of this poster and was quite bothered by it, as the Tories were presenting themselves (via a slick PR and poster campaign) as something they are not – inclusive. So this was my modified version of the poster – I hope you like it. • Glad to say that this … Continue reading Election 2010