Songlines – Covers

Songlines covers music from every corner of the planet and I was their freelance art director from 2005 to 2012. As a small independent title, we had tiny budgets. I was the only designer and did all the layout, production and marketing artwork, as well as occasionally art directing shoots and illustrating features. Below is a … Continue reading Songlines – Covers

Haymarket – F1 Custom

I worked for Haymarket’s F1 Custom division on a range of projects related to Formula 1, a selection of which are below. Cover design and concept for the jacket of the F1 season review. I worked with an editor to write the copy as if it was spoken by a race commentator. The image is … Continue reading Haymarket – F1 Custom


A year after landing in London, I became art director of Wanderlust travel magazine – my first proper magazine job after University. I redesigned the title while there while maintaining it’s focus on independent travel, at a time when the sector was still defining itself. Continue reading Wanderlust